Fordham Tierney Hall

Bronx, NY
Fordham University

The Spring 2008 excerpt from Oculus, the publication of the American Institute of Architects’ New York Chapter, explains how a pilot project in integrated learning environments succeeded: “At the Bronx campus of Fordham University, dorm facilities were already in place but needed refinement. For its Tierney Hall project … the school hoped not only to upgrade its dorm facilities, but also to redefine the lifestyle of students in what’s aptly called “live/learn” spaces.

“Tierney is a conventional dorm fused with common spaces in which residents also attend classes; at night these spaces become study and lounge areas wired with the latest technologies. To strike a balance between comfort and function, Helpern Architects chose finishes and furniture that are both welcoming and practical.”

“Slate tile and new carpeting add color and texture, while moveable walls and furniture on castors offer flexibility in common areas. Subtle details, such as lowered ceilings along corridors, break up the monotony of institutional staleness often found in dorm buildings. Upgraded kitchens, lounges, and coffee bars were also added throughout the facility.”